We hear it all the time from people calling in for free estimates and more information about heat pumps: How much energy do heat pumps use?

The truth is that ductless heat pumps use much less energy than other traditional ways of heating your home. As a result heat pumps will cost you less on your energy bills each month. On top of that you can get rebates on your heat pump purchase and even your municipality if they support energy-efficient HVAC installations like ductless heat pumps.

Ductless Units & Electric Bills

In case you don’t know, heat pumps operate on electricity instead of natural gas. First off, that means you aren’t using oil to heat your home, so you’ve already made a more environmentally-friendly choice. Secondly, while electricity is also considered a non-renewable source of energy, your heat pump uses around half as much electricity than it does gas. You’ll see this savings almost immediately on your energy bills.

Heat Pumps Don’t Generate Heat

It’s not what is sounds like. Heat pumps don’t actually generate the heat they serve you in your home, they harness what is already in the air. Ductless heat pumps power an evaporator, condenser, compressor, and pump in order to remove the heat energy from the air and send it into your home. This operation requires far less moving parts and less energy than traditional heating options.

How Do They Collect Heat?

Ductless heat pumps collect heat from outside your home, concentrate it to create warmth, and pump it inside. This method of using existing heat from the environment is already much more efficient than traditional heating options. When combined with other energy-saving methods, heat pumps can have an especially dramatic impact.

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You may have hear about a heat pump and have an idea of what it actually does, but we’re certain many of our customers have questions about heat pumps. So, let’s take a stab at answering some of them for you.

Here are 5 common heat pump questions.

  1. How do I operate a heat pump in winter? – Heat pumps do work well in all climates, but in a place like Toronto where winters can be super cold at times they might be best used in addition to other heat sources. If you already have a furnace or baseboard heating then a heat pump is perfect on cool days. On really cold days you can rely on your furnace. This saves you lots of money because you aren’t always running your furnace to heat the whole house, when you might only need a single room heated.
  2. Are heat pumps efficient? – Heat pumps can be very efficient when installed and run correctly. Minimum cooling efficiency standards for heat pumps were just raised to 14 SEER across the country, and there are models that reach 20 SEER and above!
  3. What size heat pump do I need? – There are lots of sizes when it comes to installing a heat pump. One of our experienced technicians will come to your home and evaluate your space to find out what size is perfect for your home and needs.
  4. How much does a heat pump cost? – The cost of a heat pump will cary depending on the size, the brand and the features that you need. We provide you with a free estimate for the purchase and installation of your heat pump so you know the cost up front. With Dr. Ductless there are no hidden fees either.
  5. How does a heat pump work? – Well, a heat pump actually works exactly like a ductless air conditioner. The main difference is that a heat pump also produces heat. The heat pump is able to reverse the flow of refrigerant and provide electric heating power. Because this is heat transfer, it can be more efficient than using an air conditioner with electric backup heating strips.

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