In Toronto and the GTA, winters can get quite cold. However, these bursts of arctic weather rarely last for more than a week. Rather than run your furnace or boiler non-stop for those cold spurts, why not heat the areas that need it most and let your central heating run at a lower temperature instead. For complementary heating, consider heat pumps and save on monthly energy bills.

Less Energy Used, More Money Saved With Complementary Heating From Heat Pumps

We all expect our energy bills to spike in the middle of summer and winter. That’s when the air conditioner and furnace are working extra hard to keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures. Before you except your fate though, heat pumps are a great way to give you the added boost during peak times without heating or cooling your entire home. This form of complementary heating in the winter can help warm only the most commonly used areas of your home.

Heat pumps are designed for spot heating and cooling. That means they only control the temperature in the immediate area of where they are installed. If it’s in the living room, that will be the coziest spot in the house. Adding this to your home allows you to give your central unit a break when all you need is a boost of warm air on those chilly nights. You see, furnaces and boilers are great for heating an entire home, but they maintain an overall home temperature. This leads to bigger energy bills even if some of the rooms in your home don’t really need to be toasty warm. Complementary heating from heat pumps helps with that. Just be sure to have a professional handle the installation to ensure the job is done right and the unit is installed in the optimal area of your home.

Let The Experts At Dr. Ductless Handle Your Complimentary Heating From Heat Pumps

After more than 30 years of HVAC experience in the Toronto and GTA region, we’ve truly seen it all. That means we’re confident in every single technician to assess, service, and safely make any installation in your home. Call 416-921-0000 to get started. We’d be more than happy to go over your options and walk through your home before making recommendations on where to install your complementary heating from heat pumps. Whether it’s a sunroom, cottage, new addition, or converted garage, we’re confident that heat pumps can help your home stay toasty all winter long.

Saving money is important when you live in a growing city like Toronto and the GTA. With the mayor projecting an approximate 70,000 new people each year moving in, it’s no secret that prices aren’t dropping anytime soon when it comes to housing. Luckily, you can put a little more money in your pocket by choosing the right affordable heating system for your home. Heat pumps are great for that.

Affordable Heating Systems Are Great For Saving

Not everyone is a trained HVAC technician, so let’s take a moment to review the different ways of heating a home below, including:

  • furnace
  • boiler/combi-boiler
  • fireplace (gas/electric)
  • wood-burning stove
  • heat pump

Now that the basics are out of the way, we can all recall experiencing one or more of these in our lifetime. However, heat pumps have been growing in popularity due to their multiple benefits. A heat pump is designed for spot heating the immediate area where it is located. Think of this as being a very powerful space heater that can be set to any temperature your heart desires. It is a sleek and subtle unit that is mounted high on a wall and connected to a compressor outside. Cold air is pulled into the unit, heated, and then distributed to the room inside your home. What makes it an affordable heating system though is that it requires less energy to operate.

Think about a furnace for example. A furnace needs to generate enough hot air to reach every room in a home. A heat pump only needs to keep the immediate area warm. This leads to less energy being used and smaller bills for you each month. It’s also easier to install. Unlike a boiler, furnace or wood-burning stove, heat pumps are an affordable heating system because they don’t rely on ductwork or pipes that carry heat to all areas of a home. This simplified solution saves you from installing vents or ductwork and keeps overall costs lower – just be sure to hire a professional to handle the installation.

Need An Affordable Heating System Installed? Call Dr. Ductless

Investing in your home is always a good idea, and that starts with making the right decisions for installing any major systems like HVAC. Our team can help with that. We’ve been installing, repairing, and maintaining Toronto’s heat pumps for more than 30 years now. Just give us a call at 416.477.7251 to get started. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have so you can make informed decisions. Put our experience to work for you today.