Cottage Ductless Installation: Boost Your Heating And Cooling

ductless installation

It’s no secret that cottages can get a bit drafty. So what do you do about it? If you’re cranking the heating in the fall or winter months, that could lead to more expensive energy bills without really making that much of a difference. Plus, other rooms might get too warm. Cottage ductless installation makes much more sense.

Heat A Given Area With Cottage Ductless Installation

Whether it’s a chilly bedroom on the second floor or your living room with all the windows on the main floor, installing a ductless heat pump changes everything. Once properly assessed by a professional, you can determine which area of your cottage would benefit most from having a boost in heat. You can even have multiple units installed around your property to forgo having HVAC altogether. It’s completely up to you.

Heat pumps pull in air from the outdoors and warm it to the desired temperature before distributing it to the rooms closest to the unit. This is all easily controlled by your remote, where you can adjust the temperature to best fit your needs. Based on the size of your cottage, one well-placed interior unit is often enough to get the job done. If you’re worried about noise, they make next to none. Most people have them in a bedroom that might be near the back of a home and sleep like babies because they are well known for being quiet. The outdoor compressor makes virtually no noise at all, so you won’t be turning up the volume on your TV every time the heat kicks in.

Let The Experts Handle Your Cottage Ductless Installation

Trying to install a system like this on your own is possible, but never recommended by anyone who’s actually done it before. While online tutorials might make it look easy, you also need to have a bit of strategy in where to install the inside and outside units. Putting them in the wrong place might not be as efficient and result in poor results or higher energy bills.

Our expert team is here to help. We’ve been serving Toronto and the GTA for more than 30 years now. Give us a call at 416.477.7251. We’d be happy to help by answering any questions you have or dispatching a trained professional to assess your situation in person. Together, we can go over your options before you commit to any cottage ductless installation decisions.